Why City of Edinburgh Tours?

Our Guides

First and foremost our guides are chosen for their passion for Scotland’s incredible history and their expertise in bringing the events of our past to life.

Our ghost and Outlander and Jacobite tour guides dress in full period costume and each play a real individual from this city’s history, please take a moment to get to know a few of them. Welcome back! Furthermore the guides don’t merely follow a script; they each bring their own personality to the role and enjoy the full freedom to relate their favourite tales.

The long-standing mottoes of our company are Every City has its secretsand Be Enlightened, Be Frightened. While some of the stories you hear on our tours may seem too incredible to be true they are all based on real people and actual events. Our founder is a published local historian and a number of our cultural tours have been developed by a PhD in Scottish history. Our ghost tours do not rely on jump scares or cheap tricks to thrill our guests and send a satisfying shiver down their spines but good old fashioned storytelling.

The Underground

We have exclusive access to our own piece of Edinburgh’s famous underground.

When South Bridge was constructed between 1785 and 1788 parts of a former Old Town Close were absorbed into the bridgework. Our tours show you a section of this former street where you can see eighteenth-century bridge arches and also stonework which form part of seventeenth-century houses. For more information on the accessibility of our underground please click here.

Our History

Our founder Davy the Ghost started the first underground ghost tour in Edinburgh. Born and raised on the Royal Mile Davy has a genuine passion for the history of Edinburgh. When founding a touring company in Edinburgh having a good location is vital. Therefore City of Edinburgh Tours secured a former police box in roughly the epicentre of the Royal Mile to serve as our ticket office but it would prove to be a very popular spot…

Dozens of bids were put in and thankfully our bid of £102,000 was enough to purchase it. In terms of per square footage our humble ticket office is one of the most expensive properties in the UK! However our roots are much deeper than that, our founder was the first person to offer tours of Edinburgh’s underground and had been running ghost tours of the Old Town since the 1990s. During that time our unique brand of scares combined with history and jokes was developed. As we have grown our company has moved away from solely offering ghost tours to also providing a variety of cultural tours and a nightly pub crawl.


As proof of our commitment to excellence in hospitality, we have been fortunate enough to have received a number of awards from several reputable tourist organisations.

We have maintained a four-star award from the Scottish Tourist Board, a four-star certificate of excellence from Tripadvisor and we recently achieved a bronze award from Green Tourism as part of their business scheme.